My Geocaching Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me!

I would like to read a blog of your logs.


I second this!


The beginning…

I started geocaching after discovering it while wandering through Reddit. Love the idea of discovering secret treasure often hidden in plain sight. It’s so often stashed near a highly traveled route unnoticed by the masses. It so appeals to the adventurer in me. I can chose to explore urban or rural, alone or with friends. The basic expense is time. It’s sharing a secret with a stranger you will probably never meet. To find the cache, I’m forced to slow down and observe. Even when I’m unable to locate the hidden cache, I win. I’ve taken an enjoyable break from the rat race and smelled the roses.

When I first started, I did not truly appreciate the rewarding of the cache providers. These are creative people who’ve put great effort and their ingenuity into hiding the treasures.

Many cache owners (including me) see the acronym only logs as an insult to the time and expense of placing a cache for others to find.


So, when you know better, you do better. Since I’m a new geocacher, I decided to go back and say what I wish I had taken the time to say the first time. These first few entries have my ‘actual’ log entry along with my ‘if I’d known then’ entry. Entries from 2019-06-14 forward are actual entries.

Geocaching Logs

(1) Small and Peaceful

2019-05-05 3:43pm Found it!

Actual “Found the log, but the container was not metal!”

Just discovered geocaching is a thing yesterday! Downloaded the app on my iPhone and I set out for adventure! That led me to this cemetery. A cemetery was not at all where I was expecting geocaching would take me. My last visit to a cemetery was when we buried my father. The sky is huge and gray and suits the ‘mood’ for a cemetery today. It smells like the freshly mowed lawn and dirt. They have mowed over some prickly pear in the open area near the tree. Makes me glad I decided against the sandals. This feels like a place that the town grew around. Some markers are so weather-worn they are nearly impossible to decipher. I could tell I needed to wander to the back corner, but cemetery etiquette slowed me down a little. Makes me wonder if it’s still a thing not to walk over graves or if that custom has gone the way of men never wearing hats in buildings. But even though no one is watching, I work my way respectfully between the rows to get to the fence row where I spotted your cache immediately! That was a thrill! Read in the log after, that others had given it a thought or two before picking it up. Not me! It was perfect! A very fun find for my first! I returned to the car for a pen, and signed the log. I now have a much happier cemetery memory, and am now hooked on caching. TFTC!

Best regards,


Official Geocacher

(2) Educated Bugs

2019-05-03 4:06pm Found it!

Actual “So cute! TYFC”

Well, I thought. I’ve found one today, why not go for two! As I got closer to your cache, I was maneuvering my car around the potholes only to look up and immediately was thrilled to find such a treasure before I even got out of the vehicle! Used bookstores like this are tough to find! But, I contained my self and focused on finding the cache first. That wooden railing is painted a very attractive shade of green that brought Ireland to mind. Noticed the newel posts, and before even getting out of the car, I had convinced myself your cache would be hidden under the top of one of them. After realizing my error, I stood there for a minute looking around perplexed as to where it could possibly be. I finally read the clue. ‘A hare brained idea’ indeed! I wouldn’t have even considered the possibility. It was there all along, so cute! I signed your log, and went inside the bookstore for additional treasure. TFTC!

Best regards,


(3) Flying Rolls

2019-05-03 4:46pm Found it!

Actual “Oh this was a challenge! TFTC!”

This is day one of geocaching for me, and this cache, I will admit, made me realize I am ill prepared. I need tools for this hobby! Home of the thrown rolls! Cool! I’ve never eaten here, but I at least now know where it is. I could tell your cache would be at the front. Felt a little awkward jumping over their landscaping to get to the highway side of it, but I was super proud of myself for remembering to bring my pen so I shrugged it off and kept steppin’. I suspect they’ve made it challenging to detour the tourist restaurant guests from letting their pets ‘walk’ here. I didn’t notice too many brown patches of grass so I felt confident in walking without watching where I put my feet each step. This allowed me to look up as I wandered around in circles. It took me a bit to spot it. I saw the bird house and thought ‘Ah ha!’ I’ve found it. But the roof was not removable, and without having proper tools, peeking in the little hole, I could see nothing. So, I continued to wander around in circles long enough to learn I needed to watch my feet each step, and convinced myself there were very few viable options. I used the only tool I’d brought! I stuck my pen in the entrance and managed to snag the zip tie that another cacher added to your container! Pretty sure those other geocachers were professionals. They even have a stamp to sign the log. Kudos to them for adding the zip tie for me. Without the zip tie I don’t think I would have been able to sign your log. TYFC and adventure!

Best regards,


Official Amateur Geocacher

(4) American Outdoors

2019-5-4 7:48pm Found it!

Actual “Very nice! TFTC!!!”

The sun is well on its way down, but I had so much fun caching yesterday that I wanted to squeeze in a find today! I picked a good one when I decided to find yours! I zipped off the highway and shortened the green line on the app. It put me pretty close to your cache on the gravel near the sign. I approached it from the building side. The grass has been neatly trimmed, and I noticed right away the electrical outlet by the sign post. Thought to myself how interesting that the sign isn’t lighted, but how handy that would be for electrical yard tools. I wandered around a bit before I spotted it. This was a fun find! And the inner container brought back memories. That film container made me think about my old Pentax, and my dark room, and all the fun I had with that hobby. I noticed someone left you a sample of their artwork on the log. Then I snapped some photos with my iPhone, and motored back out to the highway. TFTC and the memories!

Best regards,


(5) Yosemite Sam

2019-5-11 5:11pm Found it!

Actual “Very cool! TFTC!!!”

It was really fun to have a find so near somewhere I’ve gone before. The Beijing makes a good crab Rangoon. I drove past the restaurant and zipped into the church parking lot where I thought I would find your cache. It’s the Saturday before Mother’s Day, but there seems to be some event ending. I’m thinking wedding as most clothes are light and bright, but no sign of a bride or groom. I moved back to the E Jones lot to start my foot search. The smells coming from the Chinese eatery were making my mouth water, but I didn’t let it distract me from my mission. It was cleverly camouflaged, but I was able to find it fairly fast! TFTC!

Best regards,


(6) Mel Blanc

2019-05-11 5:36pm Found it!

Actual “My toughest to find so far! Great one! TFTC!!”

My second cache of the day! I really looked suspicious searching for this! Looked like they were locking up the building when I arrived. My GPS really bounced around on this one today. It had me searching in the gravel between the shrubs and concrete wall. Then searched along the patio area under those heavy planters I was certain were to heavy to hide anything under, but I checked anyway. I perused the vent on the wall there, but luckily decided it would have to be logged as a DNF if it was there. Was standing there looking out at the highway looking around thinking I might have to give it up when I spotted it! I would have never thought to hide something like this! Had I not stood at the right angle to put it in silhouette, I wouldn’t have found it. Bonus, when leaving I took a picture of a raccoon crossing the parking lot to enter the storm drain. TFTC!

Best regards,


(6a) Inside the Dragon’s Lair

2019-05-13 3:36pm DNF

Actual “Did not find it. There is a lot of trash. Needed to take a bigger trash bag! Poison ivy on a tree so I didn’t explore too much. My first DNF. I’ll try again. Thanks”

Thought I could use a little adventure today and went out to find your cache. I had adventure! First challenge was parking near here. I chose to activate the hazard lights and leave the car on the side of the street. I will admit that the street was a little busier than I expected it to be, but it was probably because of the time of the day. When I got to the area, I just stood and looked for a while. It was far too much of a challenge for me to tackle today. The water is high and muddy in the ditch. I’m nearly certain if I moved a few of the big rocks around on the top of that drain I might find it, but I’m not even going close to it. Looks like someone dumped an old bathroom vanity made of particle board. It’s absorbed enough water to collapse in a heap, and is now surrounded by countless pieces of plastic and paper debris of random shapes and sizes. I thought about grabbing my extra reach trash grabber from the car that I can use to pick up trash by squeezing the grip to use the pinchers three feet away and place items into the trash bag. But, I just thought about it. That tree to the right of the drain looks like it has leaves of three growing at the base, and I seem to catch ‘poison anything’ by air without even touching it. This area needs someone with a truck and larger trash bags. Thanks for the adventure. I’ll return here one day soon to reattempt. And I’ll bring bigger trash bags!

Best regards,


(7) Dexter City Lake

2019-06-02 8:09pm Found it!

Actual “Thanks! Was a fun find! Both the cache AND the fishing spot!”

Parked on the grass on the south side of the pond. There were fishermen parked there already so I guessed it was okay. The three ladies there fishing seemed to be having some pretty good luck with their catches. I walked over the grass to the area near your cache. I wandered up and down the edge of the water on the rocks. I spotted a fish that looked to be about a foot long in the water. I finally ended up at the tree, and read the clue. It’s close to dark now. Thanks! Was a fun find! Both the cache AND the fishing spot!

Best regards,


(7a) Dexter Heritage House

I Fear I Forgot the Fotos For this one!

2019-06-14 1:47pm DNF

Was a beautiful day today! Decided today would be my second attempt to find this cache! I enjoyed finding the one ‘across the pond’ near this one. But, that time I ran out of daylight when I went to look for this one.

Today, I moseyed up the gravel path toward the bush there where I was suspecting it was hidden. Noticed a square of plywood on the ground I thought it might be under. Found some fine fishing worms under there if anyone needs them. Noticed the chickens eating the bugs from the water in the ditch behind the bush. They are new additions since I last visited along with the big heap of dirt dumped by the bush. Picked up a few cans and cups that got tossed into the big blue can just up the hill from there. Checked out the fine looking light pole they have there. It’s a nice one. You don’t often see the lantern style lights like that so high up in the air. Worked my way further under the bush where I spotted a ziplock bag that when I picked it up had a huge hole, missing the center of it. I had just decided this was perhaps your cache when I saw it had been covering the pretty snake I was so excited to find. I’ve seen lots of pictures online of those pretty fake snakes people hide caches in!!! It was truly exciting for the two milliseconds it took my brain to process when I bent down to peer at it a little closer that it was starting to move. That’s when the fun started. And let me tell you! The ‘f’ words were flying. Fudge-sickles! Feet don’t Fail me now!!!

Going to log this as a DNF as I’m feeling rather timid about giving it a third go.

Best regards,


(10) More Houses Found it!

2019-06-21 3:45pm

Visited your cache today while it was still nice and sunny. Interesting little town there. Was driving down the street on the way to your treasure and met an oversized woman talking on the phone while driving her wheelchair down the road. Looked like it might have been one of her grand youngens hopping and skipping along beside her. I gave her a smile and a nod as we passed, but only received side-eye in response. Decided perhaps it would be best to just keep on moseying down the road, but I stopped to sign your cache log and admire the old stately trees in the middle of town before leaving. Thanks for the cache!

Best regards,


(9a) Mac

2019-06-19 4:30pm DNF

Was near your cache early today enjoying the sun rise and decided to give locating it a try this afternoon. The gully washer, that traveled through before I could get back, left the ditches overflowing and the fields flooded. I read your description of a ‘easy park and grab’ as an easy cache. I think I read it wrong. As I pulled up off of 51, I noticed the lane had about an inch of standing water. I was wearing my boots so I didn’t let this detour me. I splashed my way up the road on foot to where the road is more over grown. I could see the red diamonds at the end and decided after looking at my GPS that this would not put me on the right side of Mingo Ditch. I returned to the car, and drove around to approach from the west side of the ditch. Where the pavement ends and gravel begins, the road is mark on both sides with “private property KEEP OUT” so I backtracked returning to the first location. This time, after slogging through the water, I noticed Christmas trees had been abandoned along the path. The tall overgrowth had them hidden from view of the highway. I’ve found some of your caches before. It’s probably in a tree, and I just over looked it. I searched the red diamond area enough that I’m fairly confident, it’s not there. I’ve taken to photographing the tiny spots I can’t easily see before risking fingers, and that probably kept me from getting stung this time. Saw a really photogenic blue dragonfly that kept me company during my search. I’m uncertain how close I really ever was to your cache. My GPS indicated it was further west than I could go. I will think about this and return another day to try again. DNF, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Thanks for the adventure.

Best regards,


(9) Tosh

2019-06-18 5:05pm Found it!

I’ve been eyeing your cache for a while as I zip down US 60 with purpose. Today I finally planned ahead and exited to take to take the old highway. I was still zipping along too quickly as I didn’t see a stop sign until I was passing it. I was the only one using the intersection at the time, so I was lucky. The new log you have in there already had two geocachers sign it yesterday. The Queen Anne’s lace growing by your cache is lovely. I took a few photos hoping to capture a bee. Across the highway, the orange day lilies are blooming in an abundance I’ve never seen any where before. I need to study up on Tosh and work on the rest of your series. I’m glad I slowed down to smell the lilies today. Thanks for the adventure and the cache.

Best regards,


(8) Found it! Hunt-White Cemetery

2019-06-16 2:41pm

I like that you put cemetery in the name of your cache. It lets a person prepare themselves. It’s never really a good thing to arrive at a cemetery by surprise! This one is a bit unusual in that it is so young. It’s so much open space just waiting to be filled, and it’s very apparent the occupants were treasured and missed. People are preparing for the inevitable here with headstones that have crisp lettering missing the second date. I was thinking I would get a bit of exercise after my drive, but I parked very close to your cache and spotted it right away. It’s bright and sunny and shadeless out here. Found it rather ironic how appropriate the location of the cemetery probably is when I saw all the power lines going into the nearby substation. It probably really is best to keep those away from the living.

It’s Father’s Day and the marker for my dad rests in an old cemetery I hope someone else takes a moment to visit since I’m too far from there to do that today. Thanks for the cache. Again, I found myself ill prepared as a new log is needed.

Best regards,