2019-06-16 2:41pm

I like that you put cemetery in the name of your cache. It lets a person prepare themselves. It’s never really a good thing to arrive at a cemetery by surprise! This one is a bit unusual in that it is so young. It’s so much open space just waiting to be filled, and it’s very apparent the occupants were treasured and missed. People are preparing for the inevitable here with headstones that have crisp lettering missing the second date. I was thinking I would get a bit of exercise after my drive, but I parked very close to your cache and spotted it right away. It’s bright and sunny and shadeless out here. Found it rather ironic how appropriate the location of the cemetery probably is when I saw all the power lines going into the nearby substation. It probably really is best to keep those away from the living.

It’s Father’s Day and the marker for my dad rests in an old cemetery I hope someone else takes a moment to visit since I’m too far from there to do that today. Thanks for the cache. Again, I found myself ill prepared as a new log is needed.

Best regards,


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