2019-06-18 5:05pm Found it!

I’ve been eyeing your cache for a while as I zip down US 60 with purpose. Today I finally planned ahead and exited to take to take the old highway. I was still zipping along too quickly as I didn’t see a stop sign until I was passing it. I was the only one using the intersection at the time, so I was lucky. The new log you have in there already had two geocachers sign it yesterday. The Queen Anne’s lace growing by your cache is lovely. I took a few photos hoping to capture a bee. Across the highway, the orange day lilies are blooming in an abundance I’ve never seen any where before. I need to study up on Tosh and work on the rest of your series. I’m glad I slowed down to smell the lilies today. Thanks for the adventure and the cache.

Best regards,


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