2019-06-19 4:30pm DNF

Was near your cache early today enjoying the sun rise and decided to give locating it a try this afternoon. The gully washer, that traveled through before I could get back, left the ditches overflowing and the fields flooded. I read your description of a ‘easy park and grab’ as an easy cache. I think I read it wrong. As I pulled up off of 51, I noticed the lane had about an inch of standing water. I was wearing my boots so I didn’t let this detour me. I splashed my way up the road on foot to where the road is more over grown. I could see the red diamonds at the end and decided after looking at my GPS that this would not put me on the right side of Mingo Ditch. I returned to the car, and drove around to approach from the west side of the ditch. Where the pavement ends and gravel begins, the road is mark on both sides with “private property KEEP OUT” so I backtracked returning to the first location. This time, after slogging through the water, I noticed Christmas trees had been abandoned along the path. The tall overgrowth had them hidden from view of the highway. I’ve found some of your caches before. It’s probably in a tree, and I just over looked it. I searched the red diamond area enough that I’m fairly confident, it’s not there. I’ve taken to photographing the tiny spots I can’t easily see before risking fingers, and that probably kept me from getting stung this time. Saw a really photogenic blue dragonfly that kept me company during my search. I’m uncertain how close I really ever was to your cache. My GPS indicated it was further west than I could go. I will think about this and return another day to try again. DNF, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Thanks for the adventure.

Best regards,


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